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Cold causes more car concerns

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – Add another concern to your list of car troubles – experts are warning drivers of frozen fuel line dangers.

One way to prevent frozen fuel lines is keeping the tank as full as possible. When your tank is below half full, the air in there has moisture that can freeze and clog your lines.

A quick and easy fix are store bought fuel line products, but recently increased demand has led to reduced supply at most local stores.

“Yesterday you couldn’t even keep it on the shelf fast enough,” said Tim Holt, Industrial Sales with ACE. “We were just putting in carts and out the door. With Iso Heet and the Heet we are actually fully stocked. From my understanding we were one of the first stores to be fully in stock, today.”

They actually closed early Wednesday due to the cold weather.


Amber Meyer

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