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Pet owners should not leave animals out

ONALASKA, Wis. (WXOW) — Animals are equally at risk for frostbite and death in this frigid cold, but there are ways to keep these furry friends warm.

Pet owners need to be wary about how much time pets spend outdoors, purchase animal jackets and booties for short walks outside. La Crosse County requires all pet owners to attach a flap onto their doghouse when the windchill starts. Insulation is integral in keeping pets warm and out of the wind.

“If you have to keep them outside obviously we would recommend that you have the proper sheltering,” Animal Control Supervisor Kathy Kasukaitas said. “Which is something that’s moisture-proof such as the igloo shelters.”

Check out the Humane Society on Facebook or their website for more on how to keep animals warm during the cold winter season.

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Marcus Aarsvold

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