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District may move two charter schools into The Brickhouse building

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – After popular downtown music venue The Brickhouse announced their closure in April, now we’re learning details of who a potential buyer is and why they want the building.

Monday night, the La Crosse Board of Education considered whether to move forward with a $475,000 purchase of the building located at the corner of 5th and King Street. The intention would be moving two charter schools into the space. La Crosse Design Institute (LDI) and 7 Rivers Community High School – both of which share Coulee Region Authentic Learning Council as their parent organization – would occupy the space.

According to superintendent Randy Nelson, that would allow those schools to expand their programming and free up much needed space at both Longfellow Middle School and Hogan Administrative Building, where those two charter schools currently reside.

Since they are project-based charter schools, it actually allows them to expand and get to the next level of programming by being immersed downtown and doing their projects on downtown issues,” Nelson said.

Nelson said the purchase would not require additional money from taxpayers, nor would it require any borrowing.

Should the purchase go as planned, the goal is to have both schools using the space by the fall.

Sam Shilts

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