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Reaction to the State of the Union Speech

WASHINGTON (WXOW) – Shortly after President Trump finished, members of Congress offered their opinions on what was said during the State of the Union speech.

From Rep. Ron Kind:

“We can all agree: America needs unity.

We don’t need a Republican or Democratic agenda – we need an American agenda. I was encouraged to hear bipartisan proposals in tonight’s State of the Union, including a commitment to lowering drug prices, rebuilding our failing infrastructure, and investing in cancer research.

I stand ready to work with all of my colleagues to find common ground, and will fight to break down the hyper-partisanship in Congress to make life better for Wisconsinites. There is far more that brings us together than divides us.”

Sen. Ron Johnson:

“Tonight, President Trump outlined a vision for Republicans and Democrats to work together to build a safer, more prosperous and secure country for every American. In many respects, the speech was a celebration of America — its heroes and accomplishments. I hope we can all be inspired by it and respond to the president’s call to choose greatness.”

Rep. Bryan Steil:

“The president set forth an agenda that strengthens families and workers. There are clearly areas he discussed that both parties can work on to solve problems. I’m committed to cutting through the dysfunction in Washington and working with my colleagues to get results.”

Rep. Jim Hagedorn:

“The speech was wonderful. I think the president laid out that our future is freedom, our future American security, our future economic opportunity, capitalism, and free enterprise, and then protecting our U.S. constitutional rights.  Because of the greatness of America, our world is a better place and we need to continue that.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar:

“His actions need to match what he shared with all of us, and one place I hope we can gain bipartisan support is my bill to help federal contract workers get back pay. We need to come together, meaningfully negotiate, and get things done for Minnesotans and people across the country.”


Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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