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La Crosse crochet prodigy hooking millions on craft

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – A young man from La Crosse is gaining national attention for his unique talent. Jonah Larson, 11, is known around the world as a crocheting prodigy.

His crocheting skills can hook you in and the media coverage has taken off so much so that his mom has become like his agent.

“I’m overwhelmed with it to be truthful. There’s probably 200 messages a day, phone calls, two to three media requests a day,” said Jenn Larson, Jonah’s mom.

But Jonah didn’t always have such a loving support system. He was born in Ethiopia. He was abandoned and very sick. Jenn and her husband adopted Jonah when he was just 5 months old. Now he’s a small town boy with big time fame.

His God-given gift is reaching millions. It all started when Jonah was just 5 years old when he just happened to find some yarn and a hook in a box and was curious. Jenn showed him a clip on Youtube and the rest was history.

“I just kind of left him alone with it. He was playing with it I thought I’d come back to a mess of yarn and there was a dish cloth an hour later and the stitches are quite perfect,” described Jenn. “I just started that I decided that it interested me and I kept at it,” added Jonah.

People now are calling him a prodigy and strangers are sending him yarn from all over the world to encourage him to continue his craft.

He doesn’t even have to look at his hands and he knows what to do. He can replicate a pattern after only seeing it once, and sometimes he even makes his own patterns. Jonah said he thinks he was born with this natural talent.

During the recent cold snap when school was closed he hunkered down with hook in hand to create an afghan in one day, something that could take other crocheters weeks if not months to do. He’s inspiring thousands of people across the world but he wasn’t always so open about his talent.

“We kind of hid the crochet for a while because he was a boy crocheting,” said his mom. But Jonah isn’t ashamed. Even his teachers and friends at school ask him to make him things. His talent continues at school where he’s learning 9th grade math in the 6th grade and maybe someday these fast fingers could be operating on you as Jonah has inspirations to become a surgeon.

But for now his hands hope to inspire you to pick up the craft, “I just want everybody to know never be afraid to try something new.”

You can follow him on Instagram or YouTube. This isn’t just a hobby, it’s his business, he sells his work.
You can order items from him but he is currently taking a break from taking orders because of the increased popularity. At last check he had 3,000 orders to catch up on.

Brittany Lake

Daybreak Anchor

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