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Holmen High School students job shadow in the ER

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – On Wednesday, 600 Holmen High School students received a first look at potential careers in the La Crosse and Winona area. It is Holmen High School’s annual (ACP) Academic Career Planning Day.

Each of the 600 students was placed into a job group based on their interest.

News 19 linked up with a group of 80 students who shadowed E.R professionals at Mayo Clinic Health System. The E.R. nurses showed the students how to regulate a heartbeat using an AED, how to perform CPR, and how to intubate a patient, which is when a tube is inserted down the throat to help a patient breathe.

Madeline Beinborn, a freshman at Holmen, said learning about physical therapy was her favorite part of the day.

“I’ve always expressed interest in it and this day is bringing more opportunities that we have not got to experience. I think it is a really good thing for 9th graders and high schoolers, when they decide what field they are going into, and it’s just a really good hands-on experience for everybody,” said Beinborn.

The health professionals at Mayo said it was great to see that spark in the eye of students as they learned.

“When you can see that light in their eyes like… ‘WOW! This is just the coolest day I’ve ever had in my life so far’, and then to just to help lead them down a path where they can make those career choices is really gratifying, because somebody did it for me years ago,” said Joy Erb-Moser, EDU Coordinator at Mayo Clinic Health System.

Holmen High School faculty said ACP Day is a great way to kick start their students off with career goals.

“It’s really important that our kids are exposed not only maybe what they’ve grown to know on TV, but other opportunities that are available to them outside of kind of the standard careers that are available to them,” said Kelli Korneta, School Counselor at Holmen High School.

Other students had the chance to job shadow at companies like Market & Johnson, Kwik Trip, Trane, and Fastenal.

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