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New security measure added to prevent drug smuggling into jail

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) — The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office purchased and installed a new scanner that takes x-ray pictures and can detect if people are trying to smuggle drugs or contraband into jail.

Keeping drugs out of the hands of criminals means keeping the drugs out of the La Crosse County Jail. Local law enforcement said that they now have the tools to do that. The department installed a SoterRS Body Scanner to prevent newly booked inmates from sneaking contraband or drugs into the facility.

“It was just getting to be more and more and we were aware of the fact that certain individuals were purposefully getting arrested for the purpose of smuggling contraband into the jail,” La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf said. “They either knew they had a warrant on them or something like that and they were more than likely going to end up in jail at some point so they would have contraband hidden and we’re hoping to avoid that in the future.”

The scanner is non-intrusive and cost the department approximately $118,000. Sheriff Wolf said the price is worth it because the device will help officers catch illegal substances before they enter the jail, in turn saving the lives of inmates trying to use them.

Marcus Aarsvold

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