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Emergency snow removal at Oak Ridge Dairy

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WXOW) – After a barn collapse last week, a dairy farm in Galesville calls for emergency snow removal Saturday afternoon.

Oak Ridge Dairy lost twelve cows last week after one of their buildings collapsed due to snow build up on the roof. Saturday morning Jason Johnson noticed another building was beginning to buckle beneath the heavy snow. The family immediately called for emergency assistance.

Galesville Fire Department was joined by Ettrick and Trempealeau Fire to help remove the snow. Assistant Fire Chief Dan Smith says, “So we came out with our ladder truck and we sprayed the snow off the roof, and it was about 5ft. deep at the top and tapered off to about 2ft. towards the bottom of the structure.”

The Johnson family and firefighters reminds everyone to remove the snow from their homes before it is too late.

Dani Smith

News Producer

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