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Festival of Owls is a hoot

HOUSTON, Minn. (WXOW) – The International Festival of Owls is being held in Houston Minnesota for the 17th year.

Live owl presentations, nest making and an art exhibit were just a few of the events that took place at Houston High School Saturday afternoon.

Professional chainsaw carver Molly Wiste also created a beautiful owl bench from a large log in the park. Snow and barn owls were brought through the crowd and even did some flying for the audience.

Owls in the are may have a hard time finding a habitat and killing prey due to the large amounts of snow we have had. International Owl Center director Karla Bloem reminds people that they can protect owls by not using mouse or rat killer. She says, “Alternatives for controlling rodents rather than rodent killers, mouse and rat poison, because the mouse or rat poison doesn’t kill them for four or five days. And in the meantime they start bleeding internally, get thirsty and leave your building in search of water and then they are easy prey for owls.”

To learn more about the International Festival of Owls, which continues on Sunday. There are live owl presentations, activities for children, and a special film on owls shown. If you’d like to know more, visit their website

Dani Smith

News Producer

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