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Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes learns about local school programs

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – On Friday Governor Tony Evers visited La Crosse to talk education funding, and on Monday Lt Governor Mandela Barnes did the same with a visit to Holmen.

Barnes took a trip to Holmen High School to learn about the district’s Farm 2 School program. This program brings local food sourcing and agriculture education to school systems.

According to the Governor’s budget, funding for K-12 schools would increase by $1.4 B. The state would pay at least 2/3 of school cost through aid.

“We’re trying to change that way education is delivered in the state of Wisconsin, respecting our students, respecting our educators and respecting school district too, and local authority and having them be able to make more decisions in their own that is specific to the school districts,” said Barnes.

Barnes said there is nothing specifically within the budget going to this program; however, there will be more flexibility he noted, where schools will be able to make decisions to put together programs like this.

For example, at Holmen High School, besides their Farm 2 School program, Kris Mueller, District Administrator for Holmen High School, said the school is known for and very proud of their special education programs and would like to be able to provide more for those students.

“We have students that can need everything from a one on one with assistance, so we are able to provide that, but then we have students that need services outside of our scope,” said Mueller.

Barnes said high priority issues like K-12 funding, road funding, and health care were put into the budget after listening to the public while on tours.

“These aren’t Tony Evers issues, these aren’t my issues, these are issues supported by the majority of the people in the state,” said Barnes.

Governor Evers budget needs approval from Republicans who control both houses of the state legislature.


Lindsey Ford

Lindsey Ford is a multi-media journalist.

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