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Old Tech, New Tech: Classic computers on campus

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – The UW-La Crosse ITS department have recovered and displayed Apple computers from nearly 40 years ago.

Featured computers range from a 1986 Macintosh Plus to a 2000 Mac Cube. The cost, color and size of the  devices have changed drastically through the years. Some of the old computers are nearly too heavy to lift compared to the handheld devices we utilize today.

IBook G3

Rather than disposing of the outdated technology, the department decided to show students and staff how far we have advanced. Director of Information Technology Jim Jorstad says, “Computing power in 1983 is a lot different than in 2019. It really gives people a chance to kind of peruse and say ‘I remember that story when I got my first computer’, or ‘I remember when I had the latest and greatest graphic card or the best display’. We look at that in a few years and technology changes so dramatically.”

Jorstad says the staff at UW-L have enjoyed visiting the display to see some of the old computers they once used on campus. He says it is fun to see how far technology has come and how far it will keep going.

Dani Smith

News Producer

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