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Future Center Fair connects students and community

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – La Crosse area students had the chance to take a look at possible future careers paths today.

The La Crosse Promise program hosted a future center fair at Logan High School Tuesday, inviting students from all grades, helping them meet more than 50 local organizations.

Students could explore various career paths and educational opportunities available to them inside our community network.

La Crosse mayor Tim Kabat paid a visit to the fair today and says events like this can help these students learn ways to stand out. “How do you differentiate yourself, how do you really have that or showcase those opportunities. We’ve really good agencies and companies that are here that especially in this area that does that really well.”

La Crosse Promise executive director Brian Liesinger says the event also helps foster crucial skills needed during the job hunt. “Students this age need to develop those soft skills that we talk about all the time. That means looking someone in the eye, confidence, carrying yourself with confidence. Demonstrating respect to the people your meeting with. That’s a big piece of this as well.”

The event isn’t just for Logan High School. La Crosse Promise will bring another future center fair to Central High School next week Tuesday.

Learn more about the La Crosse Promise program and their missions by clicking here.

Amber Meyer

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