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Lansing Bridge will be closed starting Monday, April 15

(WXOW) – The Lansing Bridge between Wisconsin and Iowa will be closed starting Monday, April 15 because of maintenance.

Iowa DOT staff said the repairs should take no more than a week to get the job done.

DOT personnel said the bridge needs repairing done on its supports for the piers and the steel deck panels. Pete Hjelmstad, the Field Services Coordinator for the Iowa DOT, said in regards to the upcoming repairs, the public is not in any danger in any way, just that these repairs need to be made.

“The number one goal of the DOT is the safety of the traveling public, and so many of our projects revolve around safety, and again we want all drivers to be safe, and we are going to do everything we can to make sure the roads and bridges they travel on are safe,” Hjelmstad said.

There will be electronic signs placed before the bridge to alert people of the work being done.

Lindsey Ford

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