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MN Governor Tim Walz signs ‘Hands-Free’ bill

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WXOW) — Governor Tim Walz signed the ‘Hands-Free’ bill banning drivers from using hand-held phones while driving behind the wheel.

Bluetooth and voice-activated devices are still legal to use.

Minnesota has previous bans on texting, emailing and using social media while driving. The governor’s office said the new bill adds calling to the list of things drivers cannot do in order to limit dangerous distractions.

Wisconsin driver and Zimmerman Driving School office manager Janet Slaght said she hopes that the state of Wisconsin follows in Minnesota’s footsteps. “Things happen so quickly. You really need a lot of time to react accordingly,” Slaght said. “One little distraction and five seconds of your eyes off the road can be disastrous.”

The bill comes at a fitting time – April is actually “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” and, statewide, Minnesota law enforcement is putting more officers on the road.

Minnesota is the 17th state in the United States to enact a no-hand-held phone law.

Marcus Aarsvold

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