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‘Tis the season for wildfires

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – It is wildfire prevention season in Wisconsin and the Department of Natural Resources is working to spread awareness about the dangers of wildfires.

The number of forest fires in Wisconsin have steadily decreased in recent years due to education and awareness. However, the months of April and May still have the highest rates of wildfires. The dry land and strong winds can make a small fire uncontrollable.

“Every year most of our fires are caused by people burning something,” Wisconsin DNR Fire Specialist Ron Schneider said. “Whether it’s brush, or leaves or garbage. So if you really want to prevent most of the forest fires in Wisconsin, the most important thing you can do is either not do any outside burning, find alternatives to your burning or do it at a time of year when the fire danger is lower.”

Ron Schneider, Cooperative Fire Specialist, Wisconsin DNR

Most fires in our area are due to people burning garbage, brush and other debris. In the upcoming weeks some areas will be placed on a burn ban and may require a burning permit. To find out if you are under a burn ban or require a permit, visit the Wisconsin DNR website.

Dani Smith

News Producer

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