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Students deliver baskets of joy to Hokah residents

HOKAH, Minn. (WXOW) – Some Hokah residents received a special surprise ahead of Easter and it didn’t involve the Easter bunny.

Students from St. Peter’s Catholic School created and delivered Easter baskets to those in the community who can’t get around much.

The students created the baskets with donated goods as well as create cards for each baskets and include cookies made by the school cooks. Students felt it’s important these residents receive some support, ven if it’s small.

“They deserve to be given back to because they put so much hard work into our school and so much dedication and time,” Eighth grader Olivia Seidel said.

“They might not be getting anything or they might not be able to get around easily,” Fifth grader Alex Henke said. “These baskets just bring them a lot of hope and stuff.”

“I just love seeing them smile and just have a good smile on their face after we give them these baskets,” Fifth grader James Von Arx said. “It just makes me happy and themselves too.”

Students across all grades help with creating the baskets say it teaches them that anyone can have an impact.

Jeremy Culver

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