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Holmes and Watson adds new twist to classic canon

Lanesboro, MN (WXOW) – The Commonweal Theatre Company in Lanesboro kicks off its 31st season with a hometown “whodunnit.” Holmes and Watson spins a new tale for the iconic detective duo.

Three years after Sherlock Holmes disappeared, his partner in crime solving, Dr. Watson, visits a mental hospital to meet three patients all claiming to be Holmes. It’s left up to Watson to figure out the case and find his friend. Ben Gorman, who plays one of the patients, said the conclusion can’t be missed.

Written by Commonweal favorite, Jeffrey Hatcher, Gorman said it fits well into the current Holmes universe. Hatcher is known for his Ibsen adaptations the Commonweal and has written works for both stage and the silver screen.

Holmes and Watson is now playing at the theater in downtown Lanesboro, MN. It runs through July 6. Tickets and showtimes are at the Commonweal website.

Dustin Luecke

Dustin Luecke anchors News 19 Daybreak weekday mornings.

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