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Community Conversations event discusses gun violence prevention

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) — The Interfaith Coalition hosted a community conversation about gun violence prevention at English Lutheran Church.

It is the last community conversation of the season.

Dr. Steven Hargarten, a professor of emergency medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin advocated for a scientific approach to preventing gun violence. Dr. Hargarten said it needs more attention and should be treated as a disease.

“So it’s everybody’s challenge to come together and talk about this in rational science-based ways to get closer to identifying ways to prevent it or identifying ways to treat patients better to reduce the risk of harming themselves,” Dr. Hargarten said.

Dr. Hargarten identifies gun violence as a bio-psycho-social disease which opens doors to discuss the issue as a public health debate rather than solely political.

The event invited everyone from the community to listen and ask questions.

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Marcus Aarsvold

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