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La Crosse Fire Department practices swift water rescues

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) The La Crosse Fire Department battled the elements Thursday afternoon for their swift water training.

Captain Tom Griffith says while this weather and high water might not be ideal for those of us waiting for clearer days, it’s actually perfect for learning purposes. The team was able to learn not only basic boating and rescuing skills, but how to do it when conditions are more dangerous than normal.

The La Crosse Fire Department practices these skills training multiple times every year to make sure these life-saving techniques are never forgotten. “Knowing your limitations is huge and knowing your skills and being ready to go when the time comes and having confidence in your skills,” says Griffith. “So when we keep refreshing and training like this, it keeps our skills up. It keeps us ready so when we are called upon for a rescue or a situation that comes up, we are ready to go.”

The water training is just one of the skills La Crosse’s fire and rescue members learn.

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Travis Judell

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