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Project Character Dare 5: #Respect

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – With all the chatter in the world, it can be easy to get caught up in the negative buzz. That’s why those behind Project Character challenge all of us to be a little more aware of what we’re saying.

“I would ask them for a 24 hour period to refrain from any negative talk, complaining, using vulgarity or gossiping,” said CharacterStrong co-founder, John Norlin. “Each time you catch yourself doing that, make a tally. Sometimes people keep a sticky note. I had students who used to put it on their hand. They’d come in 24 hours later and say, ‘Mr. Norlin, I have tally marks all the way up my arm!'”

This week’s dare is to try to avoid negative talk and gossip. Norlin said the tally system is a good way to be conscious of that habit.

Share the challenge, and your success with it on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #projectcharacter and #respect.

You can also get these dares sent directly to your phone each week by texting WEDAREYOU to 31996.

Dustin Luecke

Dustin Luecke anchors News 19 Daybreak weekday mornings.

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