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La Crosse teachers receive a “Thank You” from more than just students

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Teachers at the La Crosse School District received a big thank you as a part of “Thank a Teacher Day.”

The La Crosse Public Education Foundation held events across the district giving thanks to teachers, with treats.

For those at Lincoln Middle School, representatives from Mayo Clinic Health System joined in the appreciation, by giving out flowers and a big “Thank You” card signed by various workers. School employees also got some food and snacks as an extra something for the big day.

Those with Mayo Clinic Health System say seeing the smiles from the teachers as they come in brings back memories of those who impacted their lives.

“Like the art teacher that came through, it was like, ‘Wow I remember my art teachers and just how awesome they were’,” Sustainability Coordinator Cinthia Shireman said. “You know even now I do art. So I mean they really do influence people for their entire lives.”

This is the fifth year of the celebration where the treats are provided by a fund through the La Crosse Community Foundation.

Jeremy Culver

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