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Crochet craze continues for La Crosse boy

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) –  The young man from La Crosse made famous for his crocheting skills continues his rise to fame. We first told you about 11-year-old Jonah Larson in February.

Recently he has made numerous TV appearances, been featured in major publications across the world, signed a book deal and partnered with a celebrity fashion designer among other things. But he still is prioritizing his charity work.

At his home in La Crosse, Jonah Larson’s wall of yarn nearly touches the ceiling. “People just around the world send me boxes and boxes of yarn receive like three to four a day,” said Larson.

He’s loved by thousands, with nearly 8,100 views on his most recent YouTube video. “I made these dishcloths. I actually use a special yarn which has two different textures inside with this scouring part right here, I just thought it’d be a nice thing to use for spring cleaning and I also realized there’s a matching scrubber pattern all in a tutorial which can be found on my YouTube channel.”

From online to in print. He’s stacking up appearances in articles and creating content of his own, with a book he’s written with some help from mom.

He’s also diving into the fashion industry. “This is my utility crochet jacket. It has all these different patches it holds four crochet hooks and two balls of yarn so you can crochet on the go,” Jonah said as he showed off his design.

Jonah is partnering with celebrity fashion designer Daniel Sheehan to create shirts and jackets. One of which says ‘brochet’ which Jonah said means brothers crocheting together.

And clothing retailer Anthropolgie reached out to have him design a fall line. He’s also wearing a white coat at UW-Madison where he was invited to practice his surgeon skills, a career he hopes to have one day.

“I sutured up all different sorts of things. I sutured up a cut chicken vessel and thigh it was very fascinating in a way and now I’m an honorary surgeon in training.”

But his passion continues to be giving back. Donations to his GoFundMe page continue to climb.

“It’s going to help expand my business and help me go back to Ethiopia and just see it, experience it and I’m going to donate a portion of the proceeds to Roots Ethiopia.”

“They don’t have much, I have a lot more living in the United States. I just want to pass it on to them to help them get to where I am now.”

Jonah hopes to visit his birth country and find the women who took care of him in the orphanage. For now, he’s doing what he does best, still crocheting, sitting back and watching the craze continue and bringing us all together one stitch at a time.

You can vsit Jonah’s website to sign up to subscribe to his newsletter and stay up to date. The site will go live Friday, May 17.

Jonah’s book will be released on July 23rd. You can pre-order on Amazon.

Brittany Lake

Daybreak Anchor

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