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Mid West Music Fest spreads more than just music

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Music has filled the city of La Crosse with over 50 bands playing during the weekend of May 17-18.

Since 2011 the Mid West Music Fest has been jamming out in Winona, Minnesota and spread to La Crosse in 2016.

The festival has not only helped to bring the community together, but has spread music, art and even fashion said one of the participants.

“You really have to plan out your weekend,” says venue manager Mark Lee. “And similar to a festival surrounded by a barricade you have the tents close to each other but you can only have one band at a time, where Mid West Music Fest you can have seven options all at once so it’s just a wonderful exposure that people get to various music.”

The music went on, rain or shine. Though the fest ends Saturday,  you can catch next years and find out more here.

Jacqueline Snow


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