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Lifeguards removed from local beaches

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – As the weather warms up, local beaches will grow a crowd.

But before you fill up the cooler, the City of La Crosse Parks Department has implemented some big changes you should know about.

The city said, due to liability issues, Pettibone Beach and Black River Beach will no longer have life guards this summer.

Instead, the city will offer free water safety classes May 22 and May 30.

The department will talk about swimming in open water, strong currents, give tips on life jacket techniques and other safety recommendations.

The City Parks Department also urges all visitors to follow the remaining park rules.

“We will still make all our rounds here down to all the beaches, cleaning up those restroom facilities, getting them open and closed, keeping them clean for the public, and then also cleaning up trash,” says Recreational Coordinator, Leah Burns. “There will be receptacles at all of the beaches so we do encourage everyone to please pick up after themselves and then we will be hauling out that trash on a daily basis.”

New updates are coming to Pettibone Beach as the Parks Department is repairing the roof and plans are underway to flip the parking lot and road.

This will make it so visitors no longer have to cross a busy road to get to the beach.

Jacqueline Snow


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