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Dedicated Dog Shelter volunteer wins Jefferson Award

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Sparta, Wis. (WXOW) –  Curtis Turnroth of Onalaska is a self described ‘dog nut’. And his daughter agrees.

“I’ll walk three blocks out of my way sometimes just to kneel down and pet a dog,” Curt said with a smile.

His daughter Kayley Jacobson chimed in with a laugh, and said, he’s known in the neighborhood. “I mean people will just walk by the house with dogs, and he’ll run out, introduce himself to the owners and the dogs. Everyone is very familiar with him.”

They’re also familiar with Curt Turnroth at the Monroe County Dog Shelter in Sparta where the director says, most volunteers stop showing up after the weather gets cold, or when they realize that the work doesn’t just involve cuddling puppies. “We have to maintain the building. We have to maintain the exterior of the property. We have to groom the dogs. We have to make sure that their medicine is given,” said Amber Dvorak. She said Curt is someone who understands that and never hesitates to help.

“I’ll cut the grass, trim the lawn, pour the weed killer,” chuckled Curt. “Whatever they need, I try and come and help do.”

Curt says his career didn’t always allow him time to give back. He traveled 120 nights a year, doing business all over the country. But he’s made changes, and in turn, the volunteer experience is changing him.
“In the past I’d purchased dogs,” admitted Curt. “Maybe paid up to $1,500 dollars for a dog. You don’t have to do that. These dogs need a home. And I will never buy an expensive dog or breed ever again. I can just find a lovely beautiful friend right here (at the shelter).”


Andrea Albers

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