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False calls to 9-1-1 end in arrest

La Crosse, Wis. – (WXOW) – A La Crosse man is arrested after he’s accused of making nine separate calls to 9-1-1 and kept hanging up after cursing at the dispatcher.

In his initial call, 53-year-old Andrew Griswold claimed to be at a baseball game but in later calls said he was at the Krazy L bar in 500 block of Hagar Street.

According to police reports, officers found Griswold outside the bar, repeating himself and giving off a strong smell of alcohol. After talking with the bartender and several patrons, it was determined Griswold had been vulgar and confrontational and told to leave. Griswold then began chiding officers saying, “Can I get your autograph?”  He later began swearing at officers, which ultimately led to an arrest.

Griswold was cited for both disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct by telephone.


Roger Staffaroni

Assignment Editor

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