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Kissing pigs for a purpose

HOLMEN, Wis. (WXOW) – Holmen’s Evergreen Elementary school took their commitment to fundraising up a notch Tuesday. For a little inspiration, the principal puckered up and kissed a pig!

“I have never kissed a pig before! I was joking earlier, I had been stood up by two pigs before Spot, so I was glad Spot showed up,” Principal Rachel Fawver joked.

The PTO set a $15,000 fundraising goal. That money goes towards a variety of things to benefit both students and their families.

“Our PTO pays for student assignment notebooks every year, they pay for assemblies, [and] field trips. Our parents pay none of that out of pocket, so I was definitely willing to do whatever it took to meet our fundraising goal,” said Principal Fawver.

Spot the pig
Principal Fawver left some kiss marks on Spot’s cheek!

Spot the pig came from a local farm in Holmen. The farmer himself brought Spot to the school and even gave him a bath to make sure he was all clean and ready for the big kiss.

Amber Meyer

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