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Attorney General wants to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (WXOW) – The Governor of Illinois is set to sign a bill into law that legalizes weed. That means three out of the four states that border Wisconsin will have legalized marijuana use.

The Wisconsin Attorney wants to see medical marijuana legal in our state. Josh Kaul said he thinks that can help with the opioid epidemic.  He said people facing serious chronic pain issues could benefit from the drug.

But he also said marijuana use can impair somebody’s ability to drive, so if people are using marijuana they need to stay off the roads.

“I want to make sure that our enforcement resources are targeted at activities that are causing particular harm. I certainly want to make sure we’re discouraging people who’ve used marijuana from being on the roads because that can create a real danger. But I also want to see our enforcement efforts focus on the drugs that are causing the most significant harm, things like opioids including fentanyl, and heroin and also meth. So I’d like to see that be the focus of our efforts but we also have to make sure we are keeping our roads safe and that we are encouraging people to follow the law here in Wisconsin,” explained Kaul.

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are opposed to legalizing marijuana. Last week the Joint Finance Committee eliminated legalizing medical marijuana from the Governor’s proposed budget.

However, the JFC did approve the DOJ’s budget. Kaul issued a statement saying, “By adding positions for the crime labs, supporting the Division of Criminal Investigation, and authorizing DOJ to hire another Assistant AG who will prosecute sexual assault cases, the Joint Finance Committee has taken significant steps in the right direction,” said Attorney General Kaul. “While there are important improvements to be made, including avoiding a funding cut to the Division of Legal Services, I look forward to working together with members of the Legislature and with Governor Evers as the budget process moves forward.”

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