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Baby hawks abandoning nests early due to gnats

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) The Coulee Region Humane Society has a unique problem this Spring. That is baby hawks in need of rescue due to a problem that is affecting humans too.

That problem, the annoying gnats that are swarming us when we’re outside are annoying the baby hawks and causing them to jump from their nests.

The Humane Society has recently rescued six baby hawks from the wild. The young raptors are jumping out of their nest early to avoid the stress caused by the swarms, “If they are ready to learn how to fly and they jump they know they are ready and they will flutter to the ground,” said animal control supervisor Kathy KasaKaitas. “When they don’t have their adult feathers all the way grown in, they just crash through the branches. That’s how some of them get injured, eye injuries, wing injuries just from crashing through the branches to the ground. That’s how badly they want to get away from these bugs that are harassing them basically.”

KasaKaitas says it costs about $70 a day to feed these raptors, so the Coulee Region Humane Society is asking for rodent or venison donations to help feed these birds during the rehabilitation process.

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Travis Judell

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