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What you’re doing that could be poisoning our birds

EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) – What you spray to rid weeds and bugs from your lawn or garden can kill birds by going up the food chain.

The Raptor Education Group in Antigo, posted the video below on Facebook, showing an American Robin suffering from pesticide poisoning. Group officials said using a pesticide, herbicide, or insecticide on your property poisons insects.

Then, birds will eat those insects and that poison will spread. However, the impact doesn’t stop there.

“Often the parents are affected, but they don’t die immediately,” founder and director of the Raptor Education Group Marge Gibson said. “They take the poisoned insects and take them back to feed their babies, and then the babies are dead. Then the whole family is gone because the parents eventually succumb too. So, it’s a very sad situation.”

Pesticides don’t just threaten robins. Hundreds of other bird species including hummingbirds, warblers, swallows, and nighthawks can fall victim to these neurotoxins. To prevent these poisonings, Gibson said avoid products with the suffix “cide,” which means “to kill.”

“Anything that is going to kill one thing is going to kill another,” said Gibson.

Gibson said pesticides have become popular in the last decade or so, but the best alternative is keeping those weeds in your yard.

“There are some commercials that go on and they have these guys that are having a contest on whose lawn looks the best? I think the better idea would be whose lawn is the healthiest? Not only for your own children and your dogs and things that run through it but for wildlife as well,” said Gibson.

Adult American Robin Dying of Pesticide Poisoning

Admitted this evening from Marshfield, WI. An adult male American Robin. He has pesticide poisoning. If you poison insects in your yard or garden…you will also poison the native birds that eat those insects including our State Bird of Wisconsin, the American robin, warblers, swallows, nighthawks, hummingbirds and hundreds of other species. Unfortunately, the adult birds feed the insects they find to their youngsters in the nest and their mate and the entire family dies. We see this often, more often however, small songbirds are not found and die in the wild before they are brought into rehabilitation.Think things through before you use poisons of any kind. If you poison the food supply of any animal, it will die too. The death from neurotoxins is not a pleasant one. The suffix on the words "insecticide", "pesticide", "herbicide", any word that contains the suffix "cide" means to kill and will kill other things, birds, animals and US. "-cide. WORD ORIGIN. a learned borrowing from Latin meaning “killer,” “act of killing,” used in the formation of compound words: pesticide, homicide.-cide | Definition of -cide at Dictionary.com"The American Robin in this video has died despite our best efforts. Because the adult bird supplies food for his mate while she is on the eggs and then the chicks, they too have died from the same insecticide.

Posted by Raptor Education Group, Inc. on Saturday, June 1, 2019

Amber Meyer

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