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Dairy Action Plan Introduced

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) — Congressman Ron Kind unveiled his Dairy Action Plan.

The plan calls for ending or reversing Trump Administration policies that Kind says are hurting dairy farmers.

Farming contributes over $43 billion to the Wisconsin economy, however, our farmers are facing challenges.

Kind’s Action Plan consists of six components: ending the trade war with other countries, immigration reform, and encouraging the next generation of farmers.

Kind’s plan also calls for ending benefits for large farming operations at the expense of small dairy farms.

“Trade war has been so detrimental to (farmers) because we’re taking away those markets right now. A chance to clear the extra surplus which is driving prices down, we need to get those back up again and I’m confident if we do we can compete with anyone on a global stage when it comes to agriculture production and our farmers are going to benefit directly from that,” Rep. Ron Kind said.

Kind’s plan also makes it easier for farmers to transition to organic production.

Declan Levy

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