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New Hillsboro Brewing location comes to life

HILLSBORO, Wis. (WXOW) – Co-owners of Hillsboro Brewing Company, Snapper and Kim Verbsky, had their eyes set on a crumbling building in town. When they realized they needed to expand their current restaurant and brewing locations, they knew that buying the building was a no-brainer.

It took them about a year and a half, but the Verbsky’s flipped the building to accommodate their vision of a restaurant and event brewery venue. The new location and building would allow for larger tanks, more space and a combination of everything they’ve been hoping for in a brewery.

The couple has been married for 22 years. Throughout those years, they’ve completed several projects together.

“He’s extremely talented and I can kind of visualize, so we’re kind of a dangerous duo in that way,” Kim said. “I think we both walked in and saw what this brewery could be and it all came together. We’re really excited.”

The building originated in 1914. The building is 105 years old. The Verbsky’s used the age of the building to their advantage and added a vintage touch to the venue. Their new renovation includes larger brewing tanks, more space, two staircases leading to an upstairs bar and room, new walls, ceiling and so much more.

Snapper and Kim have a passion for taking on projects like these. Kim say’s its very rewarding to see the transformation.

“It was just such a gorgeous building we just needed to share it and it became obvious that we were bursting at the seems in the restaurant and it just clicked that we should pull everything under one roof and have everything here,” Kim said. ” It kind of changed course along the way, originally just going to be a brewery and then we thought well maybe a brewery and event space and we thought how beautiful this could be up here.”

They hope the brewery becomes a destination for people all over the state to visit and enjoy. Kim said that has always been a part of their vision.

“To put Hillsboro on the map and pull people into our community and to become a destination not only to share a good craft beer, a sandwich, a pizza, a burger…but to bring other people to our community is great for everybody.”

She says because the region is undiscovered by a lot of people it will be a good opportunity for them to visit and enjoy the brewing company. The company has actually been brewing for about eight months now.

The Hillsboro Brewing Company is currently located at 815 Water Street, Hillsboro and the new location is at 206 Madison Street. The new location is set to open soon.

Abigail Moore

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