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Bait shop sales decline with high flood waters

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WXOW) – Flood waters have taken a toll on fishing in the area.

Local bait shops are suffering due to a decline in sales. Owner of Tri-State Bait and Tackle Bob Veglahn said it’s been a tough year for his shop. Sales have dropped almost one third since the spring season. He says it’s not just him, everyone in the business is struggling.

“Sales have been kind of slumpy. In this business, we figure that most of our income comes from the spring, the summer, and the fall. This year we’ve lost four to six weeks of income because of the high water, ” Veglahn said. “When the water’s that high, there’s a new wake warning and then a flood warning and people just don’t want to go out.”

Each year he relies heavily on summer sales to keep his business alive. Veglahn has owned his shop since 1980. He said he’s only had a few years like this, mostly before the year 2000. This spring and summer have been one of the worst for his shop.

He’s hopeful that the river will soon go back to normal soon and sales will rise. He understands why people haven’t been boating or fishing. He checks the river stage every morning just to make sure.

“It’s mostly a safety thing, ” Veglahn said, “It’s just too dangerous to be out there when the water is that rapid.”

Abigail Moore

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