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Local women give trap shooting a shot

Stoddard, Wisc. (WXOW)- Trap shooting is currently the fastest growing sport in the nation, and local women are finding a way to get involved.

Jeanne Foss created a Facebook event inviting women to an “Intro to Trap Shooting” class. In turn, Foss received interest from 80 people, contacted the Rod and Gun Club, and made it happen.

Foss has always been interested in trap shooting, but never felt confident enough to come out by herself and give it a try.

“There is a two and four man trap, and I was worried about coming out here and feeling intimidated,” Foss said.

This class allowed women to feel comfortable as many tried the sport for the very first time.

“Which is great,” Foss said. “We all get to come here, shoot trap, learn about gun safety, and meet a bunch of women.”

The women learn from coaches and members of the Central-Logan trap shooting team.

“It is awesome how many women actually came out,” Central-Logan Coach Hailey Kirven said. “It is definitely a male-dominated sport. I think it takes a lot of persistence and a lot of determination. It can get very frustrating. It is definitely a mind game.”

It also takes a lot of practice, but some catch on right away, as did Foss hitting 5 out of 5 clay targets in one spot.

Some are passionate about succeeding in the sport, one being incoming freshman Aubrey Hass. Hass is a member of the Central-Logan team and placed second in conference this year. For Hass, it is a family sport, as her dad and grandpa are coaches on the team. She would love to get more women involved.

“I think it is a really cool idea because most guys think ‘oh girls shouldn’t be in it’,” Hass said. “It helps out with showing that they can do it also.”

Foss hopes to do this class again, perhaps make it a monthly occurrence. She will continue to use Facebook to promote the event.



Karley Marotta

Weekend Sports Anchor

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