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How to protect your family from an E. Coli bacterial infection

LA CROSSE,Wis. (WXOW) – Those cute and cuddly animals you may see at summer fairs could carry a hidden microscopic danger that may harm you and your family: E. Coli bacteria.

E. Coli bacteria is commonly found in the intestines of healthy people and animals and is transferred through the feces of animals or humans. Local health officials said it is not a big deal if E. Coli is on someone hands, but if it gets in someone’s mouth, and goes into their system, then it can cause disease.

“It’s not a big deal if it’s on your hands, but if you get it on your mouth, kids put their hands in their mouths, and then you get it in your system and then it can cause disease,” Paula Silha, Health Educator for the La Crosse County Health Department, said.

E. Coli infection can also come from eating uncooked meats, unpasteurized juice, or the consumption of unwashed fruits or vegetables that may have been fertilized with E. Coli infected animal waste.

E. Coli prevention tips: Practice proper hygiene, especially good handwashing.

Lindsey Ford

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