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Aggressive scam calls target locals

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – A new wave of scam calls are ramping up their tactics and becoming more aggressive.

The La Crosse Police Department says thieves calling locals claim to be a police collection agency. They say you owe overdue tickets or other police-related fines. They even back up those claims by offering up seemingly real information connected to your local authorities.

LCPD said these calls have already fooled many victims, stealing tens of thousands of dollars.

“They’re being very aggressive. They’re threatening them with jail time and indicating that they are law enforcement. The most concerning part in the way they’re going about this, they’re spoofing the La Crosse Police Department’s number, so it, unfortunately, makes it look like it could potentially be a [legitamate] law enforcement agency that’s making the call,” LCPD Sgt. Tom Walsh said.

LCPD said their department will never call you and threaten jail time via a phone call.

“If you see those numbers showing up and it happens to say it’s a local police department and that shows up on your caller ID, my best recommendation is number one, hang the phone up, call down to our dispatch center, and ask to speak to an on-duty shift commander and see if it is legitimate,” Sgt. Walsh said.

The number for the La Crosse Police Department non-emergency line is 608-785-5962.

Amber Meyer

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