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Cooling Animals Down as Things Heat Up at the Fair

LA CROSSE, WIS. (WXOW) – While the first day of the La Crosse Interstate Fair is winding down, things will heat up again tomorrow.

As temperatures climb into the mid 90’s this week, it is not just people to be concerned about, it is the animals too.  Many owners say their animals are like family to them, and keeping them cool throughout the week is a top priority.

While many of the animals can actually regulate their own body temperature, large fans, shade and access to cool water are crucial in times of extreme heat.

4-H Showperson, Macy Carty, said that large animals require everything a human does to keep cool.

Here is where things differ, “They’re not humans, they’re not like your child. They can’t say oh I’m really hot or oh I don’t feel very good today,” said Carty.

“So you have to really be attentive to them and the fact that you have to watch their behaviors and make sure they are staying cool and you’re doing what you can to help them.”

If you are transporting large animals this summer, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture has a few suggestions.  Avoid traveling during the afternoon hours, provide well ventilated air space and always give fresh drinking water.

There is plenty for the entire family to do at the La Crosse Interstate Fair this week. The Fair runs through Sunday and admission is free.  You can find a list of events here.

Warren Sears

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