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Coon Creek causes flood damage in Coon Valley again

COON VALLEY, Wis. (WXOW) – Almost one year after flooding destroyed homes and roads, the Coon Valley community is dealing with flood damage again.

Overnight, floodwaters left Highway 14 closed off to traffic throughout most of Friday morning.

The Crook Creek flooding is a recurring problem that community members said is happening too often.

“People are just now basically recovering from the August floods of last year,” Coon Valley Sons of American Legion member Jon Lee said. “We had many home rescues and I was talking with friends earlier this morning and a lot of them weren’t sleeping because they have friends and family in some of these flood zones and some of them barely escaped from floods last year.”

When the Coon Creek flows over roads and bridges, it’s impossible to tell what debris might have washed onto the roads.

“Don’t drive through flooded roads,” Vernon County Emergency Management Director Brandon Larson said. “Turn around because you never know what’s underneath there. The road may be gone.”

People can make emergency responders jobs easier by staying out of danger.

“In less than one inch of water your car can hydroplane,” Coon Valley Fire Department Chief Russ Cornford said. “In three or four inches of water, your car can float away. You have no control over it whatsoever. You’re ending up downriver or flipped over and drown. Our job is hard enough.”

Though chances are high that floodwaters will return, so will the Coon Valley community. “I think we persevere,” Lee said. “We don’t give up. People come together in events like this.”

If anyone needs flood kits to clean up damage they can call Larson with emergency management at 608-637-2123 and schedule a pick-up at the office at 318 Fairlane Drive, Viroqua, Wis.

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