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Charlotte’s Bridal celebrates National Bridal Sale Week

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Soon-to-be brides now have the opportunity to find their perfect dress at a low cost, for a week at least.

The fourth annual National Bridal Sale Event began July 20 and runs through July 28. Nearly 1,000 Bridal Stores nationwide are participating in the event. The national sale is always the third week in July. Bridal stores significantly lower the prices of their wedding dresses, so soon-to-be brides can ‘catch a break’ on their wedding costs.

Co-Owner of Charlotte’s Bridal Kathy Walker has been eagerly waiting for the National Bridal Sale event to start. She’s already passionate about helping brides find their perfect dress, and this sale event helps even more.

“It’s to give brides a real break…I mean weddings are so expensive and we have new stock coming in. So why not give them a break on their dress? So we’re really excited,” Walker said.

Walker said the National Bridal Sale Event started four years ago when the bridal shops got together and decided that there needed to a wedding sale, similar to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales.

“We have all come to the conclusion that we price things as low as possible… There’s a dress in every size and every imagination,” Walker said. “It’s just an event that we love.”

The Third Saturday in July is deemed as National Bridal Sale Day. Some shops only offer discounts on just the day while others offer it throughout the entire week. Charlotte’s Bridal extended their bridal sale an extra day, making the end of their sale July 28.

Abigail Moore

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