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High winds near Bangor uproot tree onto house

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Thunderstorms and heavy winds near Bangor ripped a tree from its roots Friday night, knocking it onto a house.

Nobody was injured, and the house is still standing. The damages were only to one side of the house, damaging the roof and windows.

The family spent Saturday cleaning up the damages from the high winds that hit Bangor Saturday morning. One of the homeowner’s said she didn’t hear the tree fall and hit the house. The homeowner also said that she thought she saw funnel-like clouds Friday night, but didn’t know for sure how the tree was ripped up from the ground.

The family estimates the fallen tree is about 150 years old. They never expected it to come down.

The National Weather service issued a warning for the central and north central Wisconsin area Friday Night. The National Weather service warned the area about potential damaging winds, a possible isolated tornado, and heavy rain with localized flooding.

Champions Riverside Resort near Galesville was also affected by storm damages.

Abigail Moore

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