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Ragweed season on approach

LA CROSSE, Wis (WXOW) – Ragweed season is knocking on our door, and experts say we will begin to feel symptoms in the next week or two.

Although allergy season packs a punch, experts are not expecting an extremely bad ragweed season. This is in thanks to the amount of rainfall we have seen this summer.

The ragweed season, however, will still provide plenty of typical ragweed symptoms, including sneezing, eye and throat irritation, headaches and many others.

While ragweed season is long and can extend into early October, local Pollen Counter and Forecaster, Tony Kavanaugh, says that mother nature can provide us with a bit of daily relief.

“If it is a dry and windy day, then we will see more pollen in the air.  If it is a rainy or wet start to the day, then we will see less pollen in the air. It is the rain that keeps the pollen from getting airborne.”

If you typically suffer from bad ragweed allergens, experts recommend taking allergy medicine at least a week before the season begins.  They also recommend keeping your winds closed to reduce pollen inside the house, and thoroughly washing your hands and face if you’ve been outside.

If you are affected by ragweed, you can monitor daily pollen counts by visiting and view the pollen forecast for the next few days.

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