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Western’s Game Development Class Showcase

LA CROSSE, Wis (WXOW) – Today, students in Western’s game development class hosted a showcase of their final summer projects.

The class spent the entire summer term learning about 2-D gaming and animation. For their final project, students developed a computer game that encompasses what they have learned.

This particular program’s summer term is notoriously textbook heavy, so the course is designed to bring a bit of fun to the classroom.

Today’s showcase focuses on much more than just game creation, it teaches life and professional skills that the students will need to enter the work force.

Course Instructor Ann Brice has been in the programming industry for over 20 years and knows that it’s not only classroom knowledge that will get a student placed into the field.

“Did the student make eye contact? Did the student introduce themselves? Did the student talk about their game? Did they explain it? Did the people attending the showcase get the whole customer experience?” said Brice.

The games the students created were entirely based on one of the Global Goals for sustainability. Students picked topics such as water cleanup, and then developed a story line from it.

They were also required to work as a team to create these games, holding each other accountable and making sure they reached deadlines.

Western students in this summer term will now have a much deserved break until classes start back up here in a few weeks.

Warren Sears

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