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UW-La Crosse football team moves into renovated dorms

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – UW-La Crosse football team moves into renovated dorms just in time for the new school year.

The UW-L football team are also the first to move in. Chancellor Joe Gow has a simple message as students begin to move in,

“Take advantage of everything that’s here at UW-La Crosse.”

As the football team moves in early for camp, the campus is ready to be lively again.

“The students bring so much energy, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of,” Chancellor Gow said.

As students settle in, there are some upgrades they can expect. Laux Hall, originally built in 1964, has been under construction since January but will be open for the new school year.

The renovations bring Laux Hall up to current code. The building was grandfathered in, but for student safety, this work had to happen.

The updates, “make it ADA compliant and also puts sprinklers in as well as changes around some of the restrooms, that kinda thing,” Gow added.

Other Halls like Sanford, where the football team now stays, already has current sprinkler systems in place. Now the young men are ready for college life to begin.

“I’m gonna have a full course load. It’s gonna be really challenging but it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” Freshman defensive end Will Gleason said.

Resident student fees were upped to $75 annually per person. That covers the bathroom upgrades and more importantly the new safety features.

Declan Levy

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