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An inside look at electric vehicles

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) — Xcel Energy, Slipstream, and Wisconsin Clean Cities hosted a conference at the Radisson on electric vehicles where people could learn about the new technology and some of the legislation involving the industry.

“It is better for our environment,” said Lorrie Lisek, executive director for Wisconsin Clean Cities. “It has a good return on investment, and it has to be the right thing for your individual needs, so we have tools that are available that can help you decide if that vehicle might be for you or something that might fit in with your personal lifestyle.”

The goal of the conference was to educate businesses and individuals on the benefits of these vehicles and how they can help the Wisconsin economy and environment.

“Providing that education to consumers and fleets to help them, and then trying to bring all the parties together to implement EV’s into their fleets or into their personal lives is something we’re really trying to do,” said Lisek.

People could test drive different vehicles to see how they operate. Tesla, Nissan, Honda, and Audi all had different models on hand. Attendees could also learn about different tax incentives, charging infrastructure, group buy discounts, and more.

Wisconsin Clean Cities has been traveling the state and educating consumers on clean practices to help reduce the dependency on petroleum and other types of fuel. There next stop is in Madison.

Mike Beiermeister

WXOW Weekend Anchor and Reporter

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