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One year after the floods in Gays Mills

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GAYS MILLS, Wis. (WXOW) – It’s been one year since another round of floods swept through Gays Mills.

A year ago, homes were evacuated and even today, homes are still in need of repair, but for the people in Gays Mills, it will take a lot more to wash away their pride.

Floods submerged the area, destroying several homes but mother nature doesn’t match up to the community spirit.

“I’m older than she (mother nature) is and I’m smarter,” Gays Mills resident Sandi Reitcloff said.

Reitcloff’s home was damaged in a big way. It’s taken a lot for her to be where she is now, but she’s stronger than ever.

“Crews came in to help with the bathroom but then there’s so much work out there for everybody’s home to be done, nobody can stay and do everything so that’s when mighty woman just says ‘You can do it, you can do it’ and you just do it. You have a clear new canvas,” Reitcloff added.

She’s had a year to color her new canvas, but she couldn’t have filled it without her community.

“I just feel like I was protected and all the people around, they’re there, they’re by your side. They shed the tear with you, they’ll come hold you,” Reitcloff said.

It’s Sandi’s outlook on a bad situation that makes it a good story.

“You gotta prepare yourself for it. What can I lose? Well I can lose because I’ll gain in the long run.”

Declan Levy

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