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38th annual MDA fall ride in Tomahawk

TOMAHAWK Wis. (WAOW) —  Bikers from all over the badger state flex their muscles for muscular dystrophy in Tomahawk for the 38th annual MDA fall ride .

What started as a charitable idea has become a matter of heart and soul that gets bigger every year with one common goal shared by thousands.

The fall ride raises money for children with muscular dystrophy.

Event coordinator Abby Forcey said, “ we’re sending kids to summer camp but we’re also funding research .”  Going on to say, “because of Harley Davidson and other events like this we’ve had eight medicines approved.”

Not only is the fall ride a great event for the community it also touches families across the United States and the Tomahawk annual fall ride hits home for Jeff Barrette.

Barrette said, “ The reason I do this is because my stepson has Duchenne muscular dystrophy,  he has lived to be 36 years old and he wasn’t supposed to live to be 16.”

Jeff spends his weekend selling raffle tickets he says it’s the only thing he can do to make a difference.

“Everybody  that spends a dollar here has my gratitude because it means that much because without them he would not be 36 ,” said Barrette.

He has one goal when it comes to muscular dystrophy, “my goal is that no mother ever has to hear their child has muscular dystrophy again.”

And thanks to the fall ride that goal is one step closer to reality.

Mike Beiermeister

WXOW Weekend Anchor and Reporter

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