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Hundreds honor Bart Starr’s legacy at Rawhide celebration

NEW LONDON, Wis. (WBAY) –A legendary leader on and off the field, Bart Starr left an impact on the people he came in contact with.

His spirit lives on at Rawhide Boys Ranch, an organization that Starr and his wife, Cherry, helped build.

Saturday they honored him for his accomplishments.

“You would’ve noticed that the largest photo of the most prominent wall there had nothing about sports on it, but rather a photo of the boys from Rawhide,” Son Bart Starr Jr. said. “That sort of tells it all.”

Behind the football helmet, the championships and the fame was a man whose heart was devoted to giving back.

“I can imagine that he’s looking down and how proud he feels,” Wife Cherry Starr said. “How happy it would make him and it certainly is going to give me a big thrill.”

Cherry and Bart Jr. said Bart Starr’s career in the NFL paved the way to be a spokesperson and sponsor for Rawhide.

“That was a platform to do something even more profound and lasting and here it is,” said Bart Jr.

So it was only right to celebrate his life and legacy at the place he valued so much.

“While he was a celebrity, here he was another person that was actually giving of himself,” President and CEO of Rawhide Alan Loux said.

Hundreds of Starr’s fans, teammates and people he coached attended his Wisconsin celebration at Rawhide.

“The things that have happened and the goodness that has come from the generosity of so many people,” said Cherry Starr. “We wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for the people.

Starr’s family said even though he left Wisconsin, Packers fans and Rawhide was always apart of him.

“The letters never stopped coming in expressing the admiration of Bart and as I said last night a portion of our heart’s will always be in Green Bay,” said Cherry Starr.

Mike Beiermeister

WXOW Weekend Anchor and Reporter

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