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How to get free energy saving products delivered to your door

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – When the temperatures start plunging our energy bills, typically, go up. But, with the help of a free tool-kit, you may be able to keep your winter heating costs from spiking.

Focus On Energy is offering something called a Focus Box. It’s free, all you need to do is head to the Focus On Energy website and pick out your kit. There are six choices and each is a little different, but they all include gadgets to help lower your energy bill, like LED lightbulbs or a high-efficiency showerhead.

John Beard, with Focus On Energy, says something simple like swapping out lightbulbs can save you hundreds of dollars per year. If you replace 10 lightbulbs in your home with higher efficiency LED bulbs he said the savings can hit an average of $350 annually.

And the possibilities for energy savings don’t stop there. You can get paid for upgrading your furnace.  If you buy a higher efficiency furnace that qualifies, “You get a check in the mail a month later for making that investment in energy efficiency,” explained John Beard, with Focus On Energy.

Click here to learn more about ordering your own Focus Box.

Andrea Albers

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