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George Will speaks at UW-La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) — Political columnist George Will brought his conservative insight on the United States to an audience at UW-La Crosse on Thursday night.

The political commentator touched on a variety of topics from social security to inequality, health care, political divide, and much more. He did not address President Donald Trump or impeachment proceedings in depth.

UW-L wants to continue inviting in speakers from the liberal and conservative side who look at some the big picture ideas that shape our country.

“I thought that he did a great job modeling civil discourse today because he articulated a deeply conservative point of view, but he provided evidence for his claims, and he made so thoughtfully and without yelling and screaming like we see so much of nowadays in politics,” said Anthony Chergosky, assistant professor of political science at UW-La Crosse.

Chergosky also added that Western Wisconsin will play a pivotal role in the 2020 election, so bringing in civil speakers and thinkers like will can help keep the Coulee Region politically engaged and educated.

Will declined media interview requests, and WXOW was not allowed to quote any comments from his speech.
His visit was funded by the Tommy Thompson Center on Public Leadership.

Mike Beiermeister

WXOW Weekend Anchor and Reporter

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