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Eagles use monitoring devices to gain upper hand on opponents

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La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW)  In an effort to gain an edge on their opponents, the UW- La Crosse football team training staff is on the cutting edge with technology.

Before the players can strap on their pads, they have to strap on a small monitoring device.
The device does a number of things for the coaching staff. For one,  it lets them see how hard their players are working.
“I think it’s hugely beneficial for our coaches too because they get to see what our numbers are like and how hard our loads are during the week,” said Sophomore running back Joey Stutzman.
The devices read a number of things. A green block means a player is feeling good, yellow and red mean their heart rates are picking up.
Doctor Glenn Wright, an Exercise and Sport Science professor at UW-L is the pioneer behind the devices.
Dr. Wright and his graduate assistant, John Schimenz analyze data from practice. From there, decisions are made on how hard to work the players. It’s a balancing act of keeping them in game shape, but not overdoing it.
“We tell coaches, so and so has been above our goal for three straight days and then coaches will take that information and they’ll dial it back next practice,” said Schimenz.
When the monitors were first used five years ago, they only had a couple but with new aspects to study for Dr. Wright, the team is able to gain more monitors through graduate student funds.
This season, the team has 30 monitors and expects to have more as the years go on.

Scott Emerich

Scott is WXOW’s Sports Director

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